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For thousands of years Eastern Medicine has relied upon acupuncture and acupressure for the relief and cure of all sorts of ailments. In recent years, Western Medical Practitioners have been forced to accept and acknowledge the validity of Eastern Medicine's claims.

Learn more about the art of acupressure in our How it Works section.

The AntiSnor Ring is now available for purchase online and in-stores!

How it Works

How does the AntiSnor Acupressure Ring work?

The AntiSnor Acupressure Ring was designed and invented in Australia. It is based on the ancient technique of Chinese Acupressure and works by applying pressure to the acupressure point located on the small finger of the left or right hand.

It works, it's natural and it's made great changes to many lives. You have little to lose and a lot to gain.

How do I use the Ring?

The AntiSnor Ring is worn on the small finger of the left hand. The two pressure balls of the ring are placed on the underside of the finger between the knuckle and the first joint. No drugs, annoying patches or sprays.

By targeting acupressure points that are connected to the heart meridian channel, from the small finger up to the ear, nose and throat, the AntiSnor ring creates a calming effect.

Simply apply the AntiSnor Ring to the small finger on the left hand (the left hand is the heart arm) and adjust the ring to a firm but gentle pressure, with the pressure balls on the underside of your hand.

Applied only half an hour before bed, the AntiSnor Ring puts you into a calmer relaxed state, resulting in a more peaceful night sleep.

And the result?

Wear the AntiSnor Ring during sleeping hours (do not exceed 12 hours per day) to ensure a relaxed and more peaceful nights sleep. Some people may notice results immediately, others can take up to a week.

Often, in women particularly, should the ring not work as desired, switch the rSing to the small finger of the opposite hand.

It has been noted that after long periods of use, the effects of the AntiSnor Ring may be dumbed down slightly. When experiencing this, spend a single night without using the ring. Your snoring should be back in full effect. From this point, continue to use the ring and once again experience the sensation of a peaceful nights sleep.

The AntiSnor Acupressure Ring has been clinically proven to be 77% effective with 80% of snorers satisfied. See the "Clinical Research" section below.

A background on Chinese Acupressure

There are accepted treatments for many common ailments using finger massage on acupuncture points. The concept of Chi running through ones fingers has been around for thousands of years. The AntiSnor ring is based upon these principles.

The ancient practice of acupressure works on balancing the body and health in a more natural way. If this is unbalanced or unstable and cannot flow freely through the body, ones health may be affected.

Chinese medical theory teaches that the two branches of the body's nervous system, the sympathetic branch is the part of the nervous system that mobilizes our bodies to respond to stress. It initiates the fight-or-flight response, a more yang part of the cycle. The parasympathetic branch replenishes and supports the body during rest, the yin part of the cycle. These two branches oppose and balance each other to create stability and health. When the yin and yang are balanced within the body, all the body's functions are healthy. Illness is caused by an imbalance between yin and yang.

Conventional Western medicine typically pinpoints and directly treats on the affected part of the body. Chinese medical philosophy encompasses the entire universe. Everything that affects the patient is considered, including emotion, environment, and diet. Chinese philosophy proposes a way of life based on living in accordance with the laws of nature.

There are 12 meridians located throughout the body. The AntiSnor Ring applies pressure on the small intestine and heart meridians, which are paired organs and act in conjunction with each other. The pressure clears the flow of energy, helping in the prevention of snoring, as well as giving a calming effect on the heart.

Based on these principles the AntiSnor Ring clears the meridian, which in turn allows energy to flow freely through the body. This process will assist to maintain the balance of Chi within the body and assist in returning to body to its normal state.

How often do I replace my ring?

Unless you lose your ring, there is little chance that it will ever need replacing.

What if the ring is too tight?

The ring is slightly adjustable, ensuring the best fit.

We recommend wearing the ring 30 minutes before going to bed. If you feel your finger pulsating or the ring becoming tight, you can open it slightly to provide a better fit.

The Proof

Tested by compulsive snorers...

With already more than 180,000 sold world wide to satisfied customers, results indicate that AntiSnor is faster, more effective and only a fraction of the price of many other snore relief products.

Clinical Research

In 2012 a clinical trial was performed in France which showed that the AntiSnor Acupressure Ring was successful in substantially reducing snoring for 77% of the study's participants.

The research involved a snorer and their affected partner. In summary, the research showed that 77% of the couples reported the AntiSnor Acupressure Ring was either "rather effective" or "very effective". Every day, the couples were interviewed about their night's sleep. They were asked standardised questions about the quality of their sleep, and the non-snoring partner (in particular) was asked to compare nights using the AntiSnor Acupressure Ring, compared to nights not using the Ring. Their experiences are illustrated by the graph below.

The snorer's experiences were also assessed, and they also showed an improvement in sleep quality approaching 100% (they felt twice as good).

The research also examined the comfort of the AntiSnor Acupressure Ring for the wearer, and whether the snorer would continue to use the ring. Almost all (97%) found the ring easy to use, 87% found it non-intrusive, and 83% said they would continue to use it (this correlates with the couples who found it effective).

DEAL OR DUD television show

The AntiSnor Ring featured on the American television show 'DEAL OR DUD' and passed with flying colors. Three North Carolina couples with sleep disturbances caused by snoring each tested the AntiSnor Ring for 3 weeks. All three area couples claimed the AntiSnor Ring was an effective and simple remedy for silencing dreadful snoring and enabling them to sleep more soundly.

The Video


Restless sleep?

The typical person needs about 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep each night.

If you are awakened continually by snoring, you may be experiencing:

  • Continually tiredness, which affects your health in many ways

  • Irritability

  • Drowsiness while at work or driving

  • An unhappy spouse or partner

What is a good sleep routine that will help me sleep better?
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages within three hours of retiring

  • Avoid daytime naps

  • Exercise daily to develop good muscle tone and lose weight (but not too close to bedtime)

  • Eat meals on a regular schedule; don't eat a large meal close to your bedtime (your body needs time to digest)

  • Limit or stop using nicotine and caffeine (especially close to bedtime). Avoid coffee, tea or caffeinated sodas in the afternoon

  • Sleep on your side rather then on your back. Sleeping on the side causes a natural reflex to decongest the nostril on the opposite side, allowing easier breathing through the nasal passage. Sleeping on the back disturbs this normal reflex.

Important: Read before use!
  • AntiSnor rings are only suitable for adults over 18 and should not be worn while pregnant

  • DO NOT wear the rings if you have a heart pacemaker any other electrical device fitted

  • The ring is a small object and should be kept away from small children when not in use

  • Alcohol consumption can affect the ring's function

  • Discontinue use if you experience any discomfort, or if the device is ineffective after a one week trial

  • Discontinue use if you suffer from heart disease or are overweight

  • If you believe your snoring is caused by a medical condition such as sleep apnea you should seek medical advice as soon as possible