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With already more than 180,000 sold world wide to satisfied customers, results indicate that AntiSnor is faster, more effective and only a fraction of the price of many other snore relief products.

See what happened when the AntiSnor Acupressure Ring was put to the test by American Television show 'DEAL OR DUD'

Clinical Research

In 2012 a clinical trial was performed in France which showed that the AntiSnor Acupressure Ring was successful in substantially reducing snoring for 77% of the study's participants.

The research involved a snorer and their affected partner. In summary, the research showed that 77% of the couples reported the AntiSnor Acupressure Ring was either "rather effective" or "very effective".
Every day, the couples were interviewed about their night's sleep. They were asked standardised questions about the quality of their sleep, and the non-snoring partner (in particular) was asked to compare nights using the AntiSnor Acupressure Ring, compared to nights not using the Ring. Their experiences are illustrated by the graph below.

The snorer's experiences were also assessed, and they also showed an improvement in sleep quality approaching 100% (they felt twice as good).
The research also examined the comfort of the AntiSnor Acupressure Ring for the wearer, and whether the snorer would continue to use the ring. Almost all (97%) found the ring easy to use, 87% found it non-intrusive, and 83% said they would continue to use it (this correlates with the couples who found it effective).

A testimonial from USA Today:

Device puts the squeeze on disruptive snorers
Susan Hannah of San Diego says she was getting desperate. Her husband, Tom, no longer was sharing their bedroom, and he was starting to resent her.
Hannah, 56, chose a ring. Each night for a year she has slipped the Anti-Snor Therapeutic Ring on her left pinkie finger, and voilà- no more snoring. The makers of the ring say it applies acupressure to points in the pinkie finger that alter the flow of energy known in Eastern medicine as chi. "I'm devoted to it," Hannah says.

"Used by a Physician"
"I want to let you know how much my wife and I appreciate the AntiSnor ring. My snoring wasn't severe, but still, after the first few nights of use, my wife makes sure to remind me to put it on my finger, because it has completely relieved the symptoms. I am recommending it to others and getting very positive feedback... thank you"
- E.Kleiner, MD (USA)

"I have been using antisnor for approximately one month. The result is amazing. It only took a few days to work. I have had two nights without my ring and I snored both nights!
I am really thrilled with my ring. I did not put it on last night and my husband could hear me down in the lounge and asked me if I was wearing my other wedding ring! I think it is marvellous and would recommend to anyone that snores. I can go away now knowing I won't wake the household. Thank you so much."
- Sue Maher (Blenheim, NZ)

"Somewhat sceptically I purchased an Antisnor ring nearly two weeks ago. I started using it immediately on receipt and am pleased to report that I stopped snoring - instantly! According to my long-suffering wife my snoring was very loud and also according to my wife I no longer snore - at all! - which means that we both sleep better.
Thank you for a great product."
- John Batistic (Christchurch, NZ)

"We purchased your product a month ago after meeting someone from Australia who has had great success with it.
Although skeptical initially, we have found that it does indeed work! If my husband (58) doesn’t put the pressure points in the correct position I find he does still snore but we have it sussed now and its been amazing!!! We can now go away to stay with friends & family & not be embarrassed by hubbys snoring waking everyone in the house!!
We have recommended it to our neighbor as well and he says he feels so much better because hes sleeping better than he has in years! Thanks for a simple, natural, inexpensive, non invasive product that works!!!"
- S & A Malcolm (Whakatane, NZ)

"I have been wearing the AntiSnor Ring for about 4 months and am pleased with the results. I have stopped snoring and go to bed on time as I used to watch TV until the early hours of the morning because I couldn't sleep. I misplaced the ring and was tempted not to replace it or seriously look for it (thinking I was over the snoring phase in my life) - but changed my mind after I was constantly jabbed in the ribs or kicked in the shins as I kept my wife awake. Now we are all getting a decent nights sleep again."
- John T. (Tauranga, NZ)

"I purchased your AntiSnor ring recently and the first night I wore it I had the best uninterrupted sleep I have had in ages! And the plus is that my husband said I did not snore!
The second night I had another great night's sleep but only snored a very little when I first went to sleep. My husband said it was NOTHING like my usual snoring, so I am very happy with my purchase.
Snoring has been a bone of contention for years now, and my husband regularly needs to move to another bedroom in order to get a good night's sleep - not now!!
Thank you so much - I will recommend it to my friends."
- Margie (Tauranga, NZ)

4 years ago my partner moved in with me. His snoring was keeping me up as I am a light sleeper which didn't help at all. I found myself having more than the average glass of wine at night to help me sleep and still woke up feeling very drowsy..
I decided to move into the spare room where I found I could get a good night sleep and also stopped me from getting a drinking problem. On Friday the 27th this ring was delivered, which couldn't of come at a better time, as we are moving to Aussie and have now sold the spare bed. Its been 6 nights that I have finally been able to share the bed with my partner again, not only that also have a good night sleep. This ring is amazing I could kiss the feet of the person who thought of it. To me this is the best wedding ring you could give someone you love if you want to stay in a normal relationship and share your partners bed. A very happy customer.
- Karen (Kapiti, NZ)

"To whom it is concerned,
    My wife, in discussions with friends, learned about the AntiSnor ring and was so interested she was given the loan of a ring. I am a very conservative person and when confronted with the instructions to wear this ring on the little finger of my left hand to stop snoring, I first laughed and then said I don't snore.
After a heated family discussion I tried the ring.
The answer is I am enjoying a good nights sleep and so is my wife, how it works I don't know but it is working for me and I put it on every night.
Note: I have bought one of my own."
- Ross Parker (Auckland, NZ)

"Good morning,
I purchased a couple of Anti Snor rings about 6 years ago for my then partner after reading about it in a magazine and I could not believe that something like this could make such an amazing difference. I have told many friends about it over the years, but have never seen it advertised again until yesterday on the TV. I was so excited to think that it is still available and as I laid in bed last night listening to my now husband's silent rhythmic breathing, I felt I just had to write to you. I do find that if he is sleeping on his left side, he does sometimes snore, but I believe this is because the 'message' is being blocked from getting to the brain by laying on that arm. On his back or on his right side, peaceful bliss!
Do you have any brochures I can give to friends as I find they don’t tend to follow up on things as much on the ‘net’ and are more likely to if they have information in their hand?
Thankyou once again for saving the day."
- Lynda M (Australia)

"Just thought I would let you know that my wife thinks its marvelous. I have snored for years and had surgery, which was about 30% effective. So I still got poked in the ribs. The ring is about 95% effective and takes about 30 minutes to begin to work. My wife and I are both happy. Finally I'm getting a better night's sleep."
- Greg

A friend wrote to us about the Antisnor Therapeutic Ring.
I ordered one with an even if it was another "Gimmick" anything was worth a try. Jin wore the ring with the same "I'll try anything" attitude and low and behold the snoring stopped. Completely and with no fuss at all. My husband of 38 years is now sleeping like a baby and in silence, giving us both a refreshing nights rest. I have woken a couple of times to make sure he is still there! His breathing is easy and not laboured and he tells me he has more energy during the day. I have requested some more brochures so I can send them to friends who are having similar problems.
Thank you for a wonderful product.
Kind Regards
- Aileen Rooney, (Marion Bay, South Australia)

Dear Antisnor ring
   I am writing to thank you for developing the Antisnor ring, which has provided endless benefits.
As a person who has suffered sinus problem since I broke my nose in 1987, I have been on the lookout for a product that would enable an uninterrupted nights sleep. After a recommendation from a friend I thought that for a small cost, it was worth a try.
After a few nights of adjustment, I discovered that by wearing the ring I was sleeping through the night and waking up without the usual heavy head associated with my sinus problems. As a bonus, my wife also told me that her sleep was now much more restful without the heavy, nasal breathing that emanated from the other side of the bed.
I realize that you predominantly advertise the ring to stop snoring but your product obviously has benefits for many other people.
I have no hesitation in recommending the use of the Antisnor ring to friends and family and I hope that, in the future you experience much deserved success.
Thanks again.
- John Slinger

"I have been a snorer for years but since wearing the Antisnor ring, I have found that I don't snore nearly as much, or as badly and I no longer wake myself up. My wife is now a lot happier and so am I. I found the ANTI SNOR Ring amazing and now I have more energy."
- Russel Brown, Qld

Hi there
Thank you for sending me an Antisnor ring. I have given this ring to my son-in-law to use. My daughter has commented that now she can get a good night's sleep. Jamie wakes up felling very refreshed not like before he used the ring.
My husband and I both now use these rings. We were both terrible snorers, but now we wake up feeling not drained as if we didn't have enough sleep.
I have used various other products but none of them come up to the standard that the Antisnor ring does. It is a very successful product and I have recommended to my work colleagues also.
Thank you once again for a great product that lets you have a more peaceful night's sleep.
- Merle Hoger

To Whom it May Concern
I'm just sending you a quick email to say THANK YOU!! I recently saw your product on television and wondered if the product really worked. I rang the 1800 number for further information and was pleased with what your sales team had to offer.
I soon received my ring and put it to use. Still to my amazement I sleep all night and don't wake up at all, giving my body deep sleep and me the energy the following morning.
All my friends and work colleagues now know about this product with some of them already purchasing the ring.
My wife also would like to say thank you as she now gets a full nights sleep as well and she doesn't have to nudge me every 5 minutes.
- Paul Bramble

I heard about the Antisnor ring from a work colleague. Hearing how effective they were I decided to get one for my wife.
She is a shift worker at the hospital and I am sure the irregular hours help contribute to her snoring problems. I am a light sleeper and am disturbed at tome time during the night by her snoring, especially if she is sleeping on her back.
The Antisnor ring worked right from the start, it was almost like magic, no snoring at all.
She says she is getting a more restful nights sleep and so am I.
- R Nicholls, Gold Coast Queensland

To Whom it May Concern:
I just had to write to tell you how wonderful this product is. I first learned about this ring in a magazine. My husband just recently started snoring and it was waking me up and I couldn't go back to sleep.
I found myself sleeping in another room just so I could get some rest. The ring is a miracle. He put it on the first night but there was little difference, after the second night she slept soundly and with no more snoring. I sleep soundly as well once again.
Thank you for a great product.
- V. Henry, California USA

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