Website Security

At AntiSnor we take the security of our web site and your data extremely seriously. As such the information below is provided so as to set out our data-protection policy.

What information do you have about me?

AntiSnor only maintains enough information about you so that we can do business with you. Information that we store in our database systems may include contact, company and address details as well as information relating to items that you have purchased from us. We do not capture and store any personal information about you without your knowledge except where your information has been passed to us by a 3rd party, such as a reseller authorised to act on your behalf to complete a purchase.

Any information provided to us is used exclusively by AntiSnor for providing you with current and future information about our products and services and any other services described on this site. Your information will not be shared with 3rd parties without your consent.

How Securely is information about me held?

Any information held by AntiSnor is stored securely and we do not pass any of your personal data to outside organizations and/or individuals, except with your express prior consent.

Do you use Cookies?

Yes, our website uses cookies to provide vital functionality, such as automated website logins, storing the contents of your shopping cart or saving your information to pre-populate forms.

You can control use of cookies via your browser's preferences however some aspects of our site may not work, such as adding items to your shopping cart.

Can I access information stored by you?

Yes, you have the right to know about the information we hold about you. You also have a right to have your data corrected, exported or erased. You also have a right to cease providing us data or to import or export your data.

If you have any queries and/or requests about our data-protection policy, please feel free to contact us.